Traditional Medicine Clinic Thao Nam Son received the 3rd Class Labor Medal of the President – On the day of the physician Vietnam 27/2/2018, Traditional herbal treatment room Thao Nam Son No. 63 Coc Leu Street, Lao Cai has honor to receive the 3rd Labor Medal awarded by the President.


Dr. Pham Trong Hung spoke at the ceremony

This is the great honor of Pham Trong Hung and all staff of Traditional Medicine Clinic Thao Nam Son. The third-grade labor medal awarded to Pham Trong Hung’s physician is recognition of his great contributions in medical examination and social work contributions for many years.

Born and raised in a family with a long tradition of medicine, right from childhood, Pham Trong Hung followed his father and grandfather ridden everywhere healing. It was the father’s teachings, the practice of living in the mountains in the north, and the first sight of those suffering from painful illnesses that prompted him to become a good physician to help. Less fortunate than me.

Always thinking and thinking about the sick people, the pain that disease is raging on the patient’s body made him unable to sleep every night. In addition to the remedies that his father left his doctor Pham Trong Hung always explore, learn and approach modern medical methods. The treatment of Traditional Medicine Thao Nam Son has been invested many modern machines and equipment to improve the quality of medicines. Not only that, he also read more research and treatment methods, useful remedies in the letter books that famous famous as Tue Tinh, Hai Thuong Lan Ong, Do Tat Loi … leave.


Leaders of Lao Cai city attended the ceremony of Vietnamese physician and received the 3rd Labor Medal with Pham Trong Hung and Thao Nam Son Traditional Medicine Clinic

Through what has been learned, through the practice of healing and the traditional medicine of seven generations, Pham Trong Hung has researched and produced two herbal remedies for treating rheumatoid arthritis and stomach disease named “Phong Hoan Hoan “And the” Successor “step by step success in healing patients throughout the country.


With nearly 30 years of medical treatment, it is impossible to cite the patients who have been treated by Hung’s therapist, only know that every year, there are hundreds, thousands of patients from all over the world call to thank He visited his clinic.

To him, nothing is more happy to see his patients happy and healthy. Pham Trong Hung also has a great heart when he regularly participates in charity activities organized by local or mass organizations.

For more information, contact: Traditional Medicine Clinic Thao Nam Son

Address: No. 063, Coc Leu Street, Lao Cai City, Lao Cai Province



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