The meaningful traditionsof Christmas around the world

Here are 20 romantic andmeaningful traditionstaking place at Christmas:

Austria : On fourth December, St. Barbara day, the Austrian would put a branch of cherries in a vase. If the flowers bloom before Christmas Eve, everyone will get lucky and there may be a wedding in the following year.

Portugal: During the Cosodaceremony – a traditional meal on Christmas morning, the Portuguese will put more seats at the table for the souls of the deceased jointly welcoming the new year with their family.

Belarus: The people of Belarus have a strange custom of placing a pile of corn kernels at the foot of unmarried girls and before a rooster. If rooster pecks at the pile of corn at any girl’s foot, she will marry next year.

England: Kissing under mistletoe bunches is a symbolic action for survival and reproduction which has become popular since the 18th century in England. The mysteries of this romantic tradition has become a part of Christmas in many countries.

Ukraine: A widowed woman lamented that she could not afford to decorate the Christmas tree, then a spider spun a beautiful network around the tree. People believe that decorating the Christmas tree with tinsel wires originated from this story.

Finland: On New Year’s Day, every one gather and pour hot tinliquid into a bucket of cold water. The shape of the metal is used to predict future. Heart-shaped or circle are the wishes of those who are waiting for love.

Sweden: Anyone discovers the almond inner in Ris à la Malta cake(a kind of rice pudding) will have opportunity to marry in the coming year.

Italy: Both men and women are wearing colorful underpants on Christmas Eve to get a lot of luck in the coming year.

Czech Republic: Single women can test their ability to marry in the new year by throwing a shoe over her shoulder. If the toe points towards the door, the woman will likely marry.

Venezuela: Family and lovers often spend the morning in the week before Christmas Eve to rollerblading to church. Many roads are blocked to make sure Venezuelan people have a safe trip.



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