The interesting Faroe Islands


There are only three sets of traffic lights on this island, which are installed very close to one another at the center of the capital.

Faroe Islands is in Danish territory, located in the North Atlantic, and is a self-governing nation. According to the Faroe Islands Tourist Guide, all activities related to the Faroe Islands are approved by a “special agreements” to be autonomous in all areas except for defense and foreign affairs. Faroe Islands is not in the European Union.

On May 2/2014, the population on this islands was 48 308 people, mixing many different cultures, in which about 20,000 people lived in urban areas. In addition to the beautiful pristine landscapes, mysterious grass roof houses feeling like in fairytale … Faroe islands also has many surprises about which visitors still don’t know:

Walking around the island

Faroe Islands possesses wild beauty of many islands. The distances between islands are just about 5 km, so that visitors can walk or drive around the islands to admire theirs charm and beauty, or simply stroll and take some pictures.

Free bus ride

According to the official website of the city, the capital Torshavn provides free bus service so that visitors can easily travel by logging in by computer or mobile device. If you intend to travel around this city for exploring and sightseeing, this is the best option for you to experience the Faroe Islands.

Sheep are more than people

Population of sheep is more than that of human on this islands. Instead of tying their neck, people here always tie their leg with cloth straps so that they can avoid the traffic on the road. If you drive on this islands, you will have opportunity to observe sheep licking snow salt on the road.

Watching football

Football has always been the only sport to unite all the people living on the Faroe Islands. The Faroe Island football team is a national team that is recognized by FIFA, even though they have not achieved any significant success. Their biggest achievement was defeating Austrian football team in 1990. This was their first competition in a major tournament and they are always proud of that game.

Whaling will be sentenced

Hunting and slaughtering whales are indispensable activities and are considered as a traditional festival of Faroe Islanders. But under the law entitled “Grindalogin”, issued by the Faroese authorities, hunting dolphins and pilot whales will be fined, or even can be sentenced 2 years in prison for the forethought or negligence that leads to the injuries of whales or pilot whales.

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