Squat market in weathy land of Brunei

There is a promiscuous market located in the capital of Brunei – Bandar Seri Bewagan


Located across a small creek – Kianggeh, Tamu Kianggeh market is not necessarily a squatfair. Though it seems a little bit rundown, this market still has decent stalls. At weekdays, in this market, there are enough rooms for customers, but when fair occurs at weekends, there are so many buyers and sellers that this market becomes asquat market. People have to display their goods on plasticpieces. In squat fair, at this time, they encroach on little bridges and large road pavements. Underneath the busy Kianggeh creek float many boats. Those all makepolicebecome sweat when organizing and guiding customers and sellers how to move right …

Tamu Kianggeh market feels like floating markets in westernVietnam with same commodities like coconut bunches piled on the river bank, vegetables, red peppers by green mangoes, and even the images of  several boys and girls grating coconutsfor some guests waiting to bring home… Perhaps, the only differencesare some quaint forest fruits, or booths selling clothing, head scarves, hats of Muslims, and the most suprising difference is the price. In this wealthycountry, the price is up to 42,000 VND  for 1 kilogram of yam (2,5B $), or 70,000 ($ 4B) for a kilogram of rambutan. But some other goods are surprisingly cheap!

Smiles in market

How they sell their goods is so kind. It’s very simple and easy for those who wantto purchase things, even for strangers who do not know local language. Prices are clearly marked on each kind of fish,  bundle of vegetables…

Furthermore, together with vegetables are some red pepper aspromotional items, If you still confuse if you should buy some strange fruits, sales girl will immediately chop a piece of that fruit for you to sample. Then even you compliment it but turn away without buying anything, she will still smile to greet you … Sellers and buyers, or even strollers are all get happy smiles on their lips in this fair.

Wandering on the bridge, I askedaNiah guy carrying his mother to marketin a glossy car about the price difference . He happily said: “Vegetables, fruits which areeasily grown and harvestedwell, they will be cheap and vice versa. If you go to suppermarket, they are all expensive “. He continued:” My mother has never missed one fair at this place, even just some vegetables or fish for a whole morning shopping! She came here also to see her friends and acquaintances”



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