Located in the heart of  six ancient towns at the south of  Yangtze River, Zhejiang province, China, O town is a beautiful old citadel. This 1,300 year old town is portrayedby old stone bridges, stoneroads and wooden works carved ingeniously

Because of the need to have a place for trading goods and culture exchange between the north and the south of eastern China, they built O town on the cannal linking Beijing and Hangzhou, right beside an alluvial plain which islocated at intersection between Hangzhou and Jiaxing.

Houses, shops and factories are all constructed under Chinese ancient architecture with wooden and stone pillars. Most of the houses here were built in Ming Dynasty in the 14th century. Together with surrounding vast river system, O town has left impressive feeling in many tourists’ hearts.

As a World Heritage site recognizedby UNESCO, O town was founded in late 9th century. There are people, however, first settled down at this area 7,000 years ago.

For the past 1,000 years, O town have never changed its name, its architecture and even its culture. Traditional buildings, bridge railings, vaulted bridges, arched gates on streets, houses with spacious courtyard, waterfront and corridors are all very well preserved.

Inside the city, there are now more than 40 hectares of  buildings built at late 19th century, and more than 100 ancient stone bridges.



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