Mash fish with boils – According to oriental medicine, with spicy, sour, fishy taste, cool, toxic gas, gas dispersion, amphibious business interests.

Vegetables are called fish lettuce, vegetables. The tree is light, with a fishy odor. Use fresh or dry. The fish is harvested in the summer, washed and then dried or dried gradually. According to Oriental medicine, with spicy, sour fish, fishy smell, cool, toxic, gas, dispersed. Uses: heat bar, detoxification, pepper swelling, inflammation, diuretic, cleft palate. Useful for lung diseases, vomiting, phlegm, asthma, boils. According to modern studies, vegetable oil contains volatile oils that have a marked inhibition of influenza virus infection, analgesia, hemostasis, plasma inhibition does not come out, Cellular regeneration …

vegetables-dap-ca-tri-mun-nhot-1Mash fish.

Here are some remedies for using fishes:

Whale fish ho: 60g fish, 1 pig stomach. Put fish in the pig stomach, soft stew, eat, drink water. On 1 thang, drink 3 thang. Used for cough, tuberculosis, sweating, burglary.

Scale of fish for fever: vegetable fish 60g, green beans 100g. Put fish, green beans, add enough water. Ripe, drink water, can add sugar for easy drinking. Used for people with heat into the lungs, fever, mouth dry thirst, sadness in the heart of sadness.

60g salads, 40g chives, 40g vegetable salad, washed, added to the blender or shredded, add water, filtered out water, split drink during the day. Made in 7-10 days. Use diuretic, eczema.

Fish meal: fish vegetables 2kg, 1kg white gold, all dried powder can smooth, drinking 3 times, 4g each. Used when bleeding from hemorrhoids.

Fish fever fever : vegetables for fish, vegetables, squid 100 grams each day, special drinking water during the day.

Scrape the fish from the fish: salted fish, wormwood rescued each 40g, pound or add to the blender, add water, filter with boiling water to get a bowl of water, divided into 2 drinks a day, drink before the 10-day period. Immediate 5 days.

Duckling fish: 40g red fish, red apple 10g, shade with 600ml of water 200ml, divide 3 parts of the day. Drink for 3 – 5 days.

Medicinal use: vegetable greens 60g, leaves code 30g, lemon leaves 30g. Three small patches in place breast swollen pain.

Diarrhea in diarrhea: dried vegetables with 20g, 8g, 8g, 8g. Drinks of the day.

Intolerance: Do not use for people with coronary artery disease, do not use long time because of damage the oxygen, consume the crystal.



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