Male heal cervical neck – Ancient Chinese crown also known as hit the business style. The disease appears very suddenly: early in the morning when you wake up, you have a neck scoliosis, do not turn your head, the neck is not swollen neck, press pain, feeling numbness cramps, body tired, afraid to move , laziness is not as agile as before.

Cause: due to infection of the welding room, excessive gas leakage leading to the blood gas stagnation, conflagration that causes disease.

Principles of treatment: except welding, air conditioning.

Oriental medicine has many effective medicine:


Lesson 1: Black beans (star anise) 30g, grass 20g, cross the frame 12g, bowls 16g, marigold 16g, cinnamon 10g, bales 10g, 12g segment, chamomile roots 16g, twigs 12g. Put in the kettle, pour 1.200ml color to 350ml, divide 3-4 times a day (hot drink).


Cucumber climbing, a cure for crooked neck.

Cucumber climbing, a cure for crooked neck.


Lesson 2:

16g grapefruit, 16g grapefruit, 20g bones, 16g gingerbread, 16g gingerbread root, 12g ginger root, 12g cross section, 16g blood, 16g males, 16g paprika, 16g cinnamon, 16g cinnamon 10g. Put in the kettle, pour 1.200ml watercolor 350ml, divide 3 times a day (hot drink).

Lesson 12g, 12g, 12g, 16g, 16g root, 16g root, 16g grass roots, 16g grapefruit seedlings, 16g vines, 16g, cinnamon 10g, 10g 12 g, 12 g. Put in the kettle, pour 1.200ml watercolor 350ml, divide 3 times a day (hot drink).

Lecture 4: Cucumber 16g, black beans (asterisk) 24g, the kernel of 16g, funeral 16g, gypsum (dried) 20g, slices 12g, mourning 12g, room 10g, business men 16g 20g, 20g soil, 10g cinnamon, 10g bales, 12g ceiling, 12g sand base. Drink on 1 month (drink when the medicine is still hot).


– Bark of rice 1 large, into a small mortar pound, mixed into a cup of wine, star hot. Use a soft cloth to wrap and then put on the pain, when the drug is cold, then to apply.

– Black beans about 250g star fragrant, take soft cloth wrapped in place.

Medicine massage:

– Recipe: cinnamon, pineapple, frame, flowers, bones, birth, Each 16g, the finely chopped into glass bottles, white wine poured into the drug, soaked for about 1 week is usable.

– How to use: Apply cotton dots on the pain, using a gentle hand massage and then acupressure (rub, day, press, rotate). This method is very good but needs to be done properly.

Doctor Trinh Van Sy



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