How to treat melanoma

According to Oriental medicine, melon sweet, temperate, non-toxic can be used to treat many diseases such as sinusitis, pharyngitis, bloody stool, neuropathy.

Cure sore throat: clean mint leaves, pound with a little salt, add water, take a drink once.

Treatment of cough, long-lasting: 15g melon leaves cooked in drinking water or processed in liquid form 1/1, 0.5ml each time.

Sinusitis: take the melon to dry then put in the roaster for shrimps and shrink it into fine powder. Each time a person with sinusitis should drink 6g, once a day in the morning when just got up, stomach has nothing. Persist for 8 days, sinusitis will disappear.

Treatment of nasal sinusitis, runny nose and smells: trunk: taken from the ground up to 1m level, chopped, persistent burning, smooth, drink 10g each with less alcohol.

Hemorrhoids hemorrhoids: hemorrhoids dysentery to the blood flow, can use melon flowers cooked or drink more simple and common, use melon soup to eat every day will have laxative effect . If using melon, people with hemorrhoids need only 30g melon flowers cooked into drinking water, drink once a day. Or people with hemorrhoids can use fresh melon soup with lean pork eat every day.

Treatment of neuropathy: take warm water melon finished drink, the amount depends on symptoms mild to determine, about 100ml per day, or use pure melon leaves to apply to the pain is effective.

Relieve high fever, headache: 20g melon flowers, green peas to the whole shell 100g, simmer to take 400ml of juice. Pick up green beans, cut the chopped melon flowers, boil for 5-10 minutes. Allow to drink water 2-3 times a day.

Relieve migraine headache: use 15-30g of melon root daily, have the effect of communicating, cure rhinitis, sinusitis, cough and back pain.

Urticaria: freshly cut leaves, crushed into water, added a little tape, applied to the wound, floating.

Milk thistle : 1 loin fiber, 10 ginseng thorns, fresh onions or dried onion 1 bulb. All chopped, shaded with 400ml of water to 100ml, taken twice a day. Apply for 2 – 3 days. Combination massage for breast milk.

Spread milk: moderate melon, grilled, crushed, drunk 3 – 6g with a little wine. After drinking, the blanket on the body, sweating the whole body is. All women who have had a baby milk stuck do not drink milk.

Cure cystitis, cough with yellow sputum, children with pertussis: fresh melon to clean the shell, crushed to 40ml water, mixed with 10ml honey, drink 2 times a day, 20 – 30ml.

Cure wheezing: fresh 250g fresh melon, boiled small, boiled water, eat both water and the same as the food in a regular meal.

Cure urine to blood, urinary tract infections: 250g melon, use both stems and peels, add to the water to 400ml water, let cool, moderate amount of honey into drink instead of soft drinks during the day.

Hemorrhoids: moth incense 1 – 2 fruits, 2 – 3 leaves, grass roots 20g, grass roots 20g, chopped, sharp with 400ml of water to 100ml, twice a day.

Menstrual Menstruation: Use one of the long-lived dry melon, powdered, drink 10g early in the morning when hungry to regulate menstruation. Each course of 10 days. This way to communicate, active, except rheumatism, diuretic, detoxification drink 2-3 times, each drink 8-10g.

Cure chest pain, muscle pain: loin fiber bring black star, star until the whole black outside, inside still yellow (star-like), powdered to smooth powder, drink with warm water, day 2 – 3 times, each time from 4 to 8g, This method has the effect of bleeding, pain relief should also use blood hemorrhoids, bloody stools, uterine bleeding …

Cure edema: 15g melon leaf, piglet 10g, chopped, dried, sharp with 200ml of water to 50ml, drink once a day. Take 5 – 7 days.

Cure water to eat feet: fresh mint leaves, crushed, collected or grilled leaves, then rubbed to rub the wounded to cure the water to eat feet, boils, itch.

Chewing nipple: Leaf aroma dried, burn incisive (not burning to charcoal), smooth powder, mix with sesame oil applied to the nipple. Also used to treat bleeding gums very well.

Cure boils, wound infection: dry melon leaves burned ashes ashes are very effective (many users have the effect).

Cure sores: the sharp melon roots for soaking water, wash itching effect, yellow water discharge.

Rheumatology treatment: 50g lozenge, 50g melon root, 10g pineapple, 8g extract, 8g, drinking water color, 3 times a day

Relieve back pain, heat sore thigh: melon trunk 30g, coordinated with far from money 30g, tricks 15g, royal 10g, drinking water on 1 thang.

Treatment of shingles: use young leaves crumpled, light dots on the nodular area, if the body in the body use 10-15g butter melon daily.

Rapid rash: 20g loin; brass, gold, each 12g; 8g seedlings; Licorice 4g. Drinks, on 1 month divided by 2 .



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