Ancient village Jiufen – ‘fairy’ land of Taiwan

Coming tobeautiful ancient village Jiufen in northern Taiwan will bring you wonderful experience that will make you “forget the way back home”.

Jiufen is a small village located in northern Taiwan. With very special geographical location: situated on a cliff, overlooking the eastern coast of Taiwan, Jiufen village is becoming more and more attractive to tourists.

Arriving at Jiufen, you’ll have chance to immerse in magical natural fog and enjoy fresh, cool air from the deep blue sea everywhere. Because it is located on slopes, Jiufen possesses a very romanticbeauty. This small village ┬áis an ideal location for your vacation.

Because buses to this village have to stop at the foot of the mountains, visitors have to walk into the village by stairs.

The reason why this village is named Jiufen is: It was first founded by only 9 families. In the past, transportation systems in Jiufen was very obsolete and rudimentary that makes tripsto other areas very inconvenient. Whenever a family went shopping at other places, they often boughtmore goods to distribute to the remaining 8families. This village is a symbol of solidarity, mutual assistance of people living here.

With just about 1 hour ride to the north from Taipei, Jiufen used to be a place where people came to find gold. Today, the gold mine has been closed.Itnow is beingremodeled for tourism with serene tea shops, boutiques, bars, galleries scattering everywhere.



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